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OVER 90% OFF - $37 Full Body Non-Invasive Red Light Body Contouring Treatment!

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Get ready to experience our game-changing red light body contouring treatment! Experience a mind-blowing reduction in inches, weight, and cellulite on average after just one treatment!

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The $37 New Patient Red Light Body Contouring and Weight Loss Package That Our Patients Are Raving About:

*Please note patient results may vary*

Why Ladies In Port Orange are using red light body contouring treatments to help them lose weight and look great!

With Red Light Body Contouring, There's No More Exercising!

The innovative Red Light Body Contouring Treatment offered at our office is changing the landscape of weight management and body contouring.

By harnessing the power of red light technology, this treatment allows for visible reductions in body circumference and weight, without the necessity of traditional exercise.

A treatment involves exposure to red light wavelengths that stimulate fat cells to release their contents, thereby facilitating weight and inch loss.

Typically priced at $379, we're thrilled to extend a special introductory offer of just $37 for the first session, exclusively for new patients. This allows more individuals to discover the potential benefits of this innovative approach to body contouring!

Needle-Free and Injection-Free Route to Inch Loss and Weight Reduction!

Our goal with patients is to offer an unparalleled and 100% pain-free solution for weight and inch loss and body contouring, and for a large percentage of our patients is the solution!

This non-invasive treatment employs red light wavelengths to stimulate fat cells to release their contents, avoiding any discomfort, needles, or injections.

Additionally, our needle and injection-free approach to weight and inch loss makes our procedure a preferred choice for those seeking a comfortable, hassle-free experience while embarking on their journey towards a healthier, more confident self.

Discover the Transformation: Jaw-Dropping Before and After Photos from our Patients!

"I've spent the past 15 years of my life trying to lose the same 20 pounds over and over again with different programs and this is the only one that's actually worked."*

- Jackie M.
Body Contouring and Weight Loss Patient

"I can't believe how amazing the results were on the program, my husband can barely keep his hands off me and for some funny reason he gets a huge smile every time he looks at me!"*

- Jenny R.
Body Contouring and Weight Loss Patient

"I finally feel like myself again, I can't even begin to describe how amazing I feel."*

- Anne R.
Body Contouring and Weight Loss Patient

"My wife told me I should probably do the program with her because she'd struggled for a really long time and I figured...  What the heck..  Here I am 6 weeks later and I feel like a totally different person!"*

- Sheldon B.
Body Contouring and Weight Loss Patient

Patient Body Contouring Success Story Videos:

$37 New Patient Body Contouring Offer FAQs:

What is included in the $37 New Patient Weight And Inch Loss Package?

The $379 $37 New Patient Weight and Inch Loss Package is an all-inclusive offering designed to kickstart your weight loss journey.

It includes a full body Red Light Body Contouring Treatment Session, valued at $175, which uses non-invasive red light therapy to stimulate fat cells, leading to weight and inch loss.

Additionally, the package offers a whole body vibration therapy session worth $75 to complement the body contouring treatment. You also receive an in-depth body composition analysis worth $74 to understand your body's current status and to measure your results!

To help guide your journey, the package includes a short and long-term weight loss plan, a $55 value.

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What results do most patients see from this $37 package or What results can I expect from my treatment?

Many of our patients report fantastic results from our $37 new patient platinum package. After just one session, the majority of our patients experience visible inch loss, weight reduction, and noticeable reduction of cellulite. Most of our patients also report that they feel a boost in their confidence and overall wellbeing.

Our Red Light Body Contouring and weight loss treatment can offer immediate results, with many patients seeing changes in their body shape on the same day of the treatment before they even leave the office!

In addition to this, our Whole Body Vibration Treatment supercharges the bodies natural fat release processes and increases fat metabolism for up to 24 hours after your treatment which adds even more inch loss!

We're confident that our $37 New Red Light Body Contouring Patient Platinum Package is a fantastic opportunity to kickstart your body transformation journey in a big way.

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What is the Red Light Body Contouring Treatment and how does it work?

The Red Light Body Contouring Treatment is a non-invasive procedure that uses the therapeutic properties of red light to target and stimulate the release of fat cells.

The treatment harnesses specific wavelengths of red light, directing them to fat cells beneath the skin. This light energy encourages the fat cells to release their stored content, effectively reducing their size.

The released fat then is processed and naturally eliminated from the body through the lymphatic system, resulting in a reduction in body size and a reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

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What results can I expect after just one session of Red Light Body Contouring Treatment?

Many of our patients have reported visible inch loss, weight loss, and a reduction in the appearance of cellulite after just one treatment.

Frequent and or additional sessions can compound the effects and lead to more significant and long-lasting results but for almost all patients, there's a noticeable difference just minutes after the treatment ends.

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Are there any diet or exercise requirements associated with the Red Light Body Contouring Treatment?

One of the biggest advantages of our Red Light Body Contouring Treatment is that it doesn't require our patients to make dietary modifications or exercise!

Our view on inch and weight loss is that we realize not everyone has the ability to dedicate to workouts or the ability to strictly adhere to challenging diets.

Our treatment is designed to work with or without diet and exercise, and believe it or not, we've found that patients who exercise versus those who don't still lose a relatively similar amount of inches and weight per treatment.

However, as with any weight loss program, adopting healthier lifestyle habits can always complement the treatment and help maintain or increase the results even further.

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What are patients saying about the Red Light Body Contouring Treatment?

Our patients have been overwhelmingly positive about the Red Light Body Contouring Treatment from this $37 promotion.

Many of our patients have shared their success stories and have noted visible weight loss and body contouring effects, even after just one treatment.

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Does the treatment take a long time or require daily visits?

No, our treatment is designed with our patients' busy lives in mind.

Our treatments are designed to deliver quick and long-lasting results without taking more than 20-30 minutes for the entire treatment from start to finish!

Additionally, our treatments don't require multiple sessions normally to start seeing results!

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What You're Receiving When You Pay Just $37:

  • ($175) $37 Full Body Red Light Body Contouring Treatment Session

  • ​($75) FREE Whole Body Vibration Therapy Session

  • ​($74) FREE Full In-Depth Body Composition Analysis

  • ​($55)​ FREE Short & Long-Term Weight Loss Plan


$37 One-Time Payment With No Additional Commitment Required.

*Results May Vary - Patient photos have been enhanced to make images clearer or less blurry but have not been altered to exaggerate weight or inch loss results.

*All patient testimonials are individual reviews from real patients, but may not match photos in the same section of the page.

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this offer is limited to new patients only and has a limit of one purchase per person for the initial $37 payment offer. Additional sessions are available from the office directly at an additional cost per treatment which is outlined at the time of your initial appointment.